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Thought I would throw out the idea and see if maybe 5-6 tiers would like to do a swap so how about this...

Trout flies
2 flies, 1 favorite dry and 1 favorite nymph.
Flies due by Feb. 1st 2010
packaged with toe tags and shipped to me with return shipping for a prompt return.

1. Troutman > Adams Variant-Flashback Hare's ear Tied
2. RGP759 > Bloody Butt Caddis- Tellico nymph Received
3. Kytroutbum Received
4. GrouseMan77 > Stimulator-Pat's Nymph Received
5. Flyfishjeep > Para Adams- Splitback nymph Received

send me an email at gltroutman@gmail dot com
for my address when ready to ship flies. Thanks

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