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Maybe I oughta clarify that the Golite example is just that. Plenty of other alternatives in lightweight packs. I simply shop for acceptable features and quality PREFERABLY that I can get a discount on [stretch those FRN's:-)] and Golite is big enough to have over runs which create savings with some searching. You may find something of better value/features locally or on the net. EVERYTHING nylon seems to be chink made anyhow.

But definitely, with minimal weight penalty in UL packs, I'd recommend a 5800ci pack over a lesser volume. Even a fly vest bulks-up in a pack. Try to avoid ANYTHING except the wading shoes outside. If your rod case is too long try to position it so it doesn't interfere with either duck-walking thru brush or catching overhead branches when you bend over to avoid them [common sense].

Thanks for the kind words and good luck going forward with your issues. Ghost
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