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Most of the fish are usually stocked in the upper 2 miles of stream and they wash downstream somewhat in high water. I imagine they have scattered pretty good this year. The section above the intersection is not delayed harvest and many wild fish used to exist in there and there were many nice browns. It did not look too good this year when I fished it a couple of times. Drought really did a number on that section for the last two years. Let's hope it comes back. That is prime Blackbird and Isonychia country. There is also a Green Drake hatch that takes place in there. You will hear it referred to as "The Gorge". It ends at a section called the Jeep Trail. Both sections are isolated and used to fish well. For a small creek, it produces more 20 inch browns than any stream that I have ever seen. Most of them are wild also. Keep trying it and let us know how you do.
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