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When I was 13 (long time ago) a friend and I was camping and fishing a small lake. A big storm came up while we were fishing grass hoppers, I quickly laid my rod down and ran to camp to put everything up and zip the tent up. After the storm quit we went back down to the lake, my rod has disappeared! After looking around it was no where to be found. Who in thier right mind would go during a lighting storm to steal a rod? Went back to camp and picked up my spare rod. I started fishing again, this time with a rubber worm, felt a good bump and set the hook. The fight was on, WOW this must be a 10# bass, then I saw the rubber handle come out of the water with the worm hook stuck in it. But the strange was the rod kept moving in the water. I grabbed the end of the rod and the fight was on again, this time with my lost rod. Finally I brought in a 27" blue catfish. That was the largest fresh fish I had ever caught, it just took two rods. And man was I glad to get the rod back, it was my first real bait caster, an Ugly Stick with an Ambassador reel. That thing set me back $70, which in 1974 was a lot of money for a 13 year old.
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