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I once went fishing with my future father-in-law. We were on Douglas Lake fishing for bass. I was in the process of flinging a large bass fly toward shore when I hooked him (John Stapleton) in the ear while on my forward cast. I pulled out the hook. A few minutes later I got him at the back of the neck. I pulled that hook loose as well. I put my fly rod down and began using my spin outfit. I hooked a large mouth bass, got it to the boat and as I reached down to lip it the other set of tripple barbed hooks sank into my thumb as the fish thrashed about. I could not let go of the fish because I was attached to the lure and to the fish by proxy. Of course, Johnny got a kick out of that and REALLY ENJOYED getting two barbs out of my thumb. I did marry his daughter by the way. Been married 23 years! What a catch she was!
----Jeff Wadley
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