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I have had and cast several TICR rods by TFO and they are definately faster than that BIIx. Maybe the Jim Teeny line of the TFO rods would excite you. I have a friend who has those rods and I like the way they cast. Also the Professional series is quite nice. For just a little more money I have cast the St. Croix legand and that is a real sweet rod in comparrison to the winston. That same shop carries St. Croix also. In my opinion from owning them and casting them the TICR are way faster than the BIIx. If you make it up to gadsden there is a shop up here where he is a TFO dealer and has a full line in stock for you to play with. Try the before mentioned rods and see what you think. Just keep in mind before you purchase LRO carries all these mentioned rods and has free shipping. I don't want to send buisness away from them cause they are to good to us with this forum and other great services.

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