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Default Flyred...a gentleman and a scholar!

I appreciate all the help and info. I truly appreciate your fairness to LRO, being in sales myself, it is a pleasure to have customers like you!
Make no mistake...I OWE LRO my business, if for nothing more than their providing this venue for us to forward this great sport!
As I mentioned earlier, one will get the rod, the other will get the reel is about as fair as I can make it. The CFO is minding the checkbook, and would quickly question my substitution of a personal check for a stack of gift cards to places she has no intention of spending money if you get my drift!?

Also thanks for the personal invite to the meeting. Business travel won't allow me to make the Jan meeting, but I promise to attend one soon after.
I'll chat with you soon! And thanks for the valued input!
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