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Default You Must be cautious

It is very possible to fish Abrams Creek downstream if you chose to do so. You can use streamers very effectively and you can do downstream drifts and catch some fish. There are some problems to consider. You need to be very sure where the Horseshoe begins and have it marked with a piece of tape on a limb that is visible so that you will know exactly where to end the trip. Everyone knows how slick that Abrams Creek is, so fishing downstream is going to be a little bit riskier than fishing upstream.
My recomendation would be to fish it upstream, at least one time, from the point where the Horseshoe ends, up to the beginning of the trailhead. After becoming familiar with that stretch, you can negoitate the stream in the opposite direction and be a little safer and probably more effective if you choose to fish it that way. There are ledges and bluffs all the way down on one side or the other, so knowing when you need to cross the stream before hand will help a great deal. All that being said, consider safety above everything else and have a productive and safe trip when you try it.
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