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Default The Blackbird

Let me say a few things about the Blackbird so that you don't get misled by different thoughts and come up with something that will be inferior. Several years ago I posted the ingredients of the Blackbird in the Articles section on my website so that interested people could make an attempt to tie their own if they chose to do so. You can tie a fly that might look exactly like the picture of the one shown on my website, but that will only get you part of the way to the true effectivness of the fly. This is one of the reasons that I said that I would show all of you how to tie the fly at LRO's if they have any space left for a demonstration this winter. It is not only how that I tie the fly, but the materials used and how they all compliment what you want the fly to do when used in tandem with another weighted nymph. It takes a lot of explaining and showing how a lot of experimenting went into getting the fly to do just what I felt a real insect looked like when it gave up it's hold on the bottom and began to be washed in the current. The combination of weight, materials, and moving water all play a part in getting this fly to look and act just like a real insect that has left the bottom and is emerging to become an adult. Those that have used it can testify to what the fly will actually produce. It can make fly fishing be a whole new experience for new fishermen or people who have been at it for years. Even on the worst days it will catch some fish for you. I hope that I get to see lots of you this year.
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