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My primary rod is an Orvis Frequent Flyer 5wt...I know...I know...looong story.
I actually have two TFO pro's 3wt, 8 wt (love em) my brother has a 5wt pro that I have actually cast side by side with my 5WT FFlyer. The Orvis rod is a tad faster actually. yet slower to me than the BIIx.

Went today and chucked a TiCr...that thing smokes. It ate up a pile of line I had stripped off at my feet in a good 10mph wind with me wondering what happened. It felt really good, but a tad heavy, matter of fact a loaded BBS III won't balance it which to me was the ONLY downside.

I didn't try a TiCrX on purpose....afraid I might accidentally ding the vehicles in the parking lot with the yarn of the end of the leader...

Haven't made a decision yet but the process is a whole lot o fun!
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