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Originally Posted by BlueRaiderFan View Post
It's amazing what they will hit. Blue Gill are especially gullable. Amazing that you fooled a Smoky's trout with it though.
I was even more amazed that I fooled a 19" Madison River Brown with it, and a 14" Firehole River rainbow too. I caught a bunch of brookies with it over on Black Tail Deer creek, but they are kind of like bluegill and were hitting just about anything we threw in the water that day.

Sometimes, I think seeing something different may be the ticket. I have the attention span of a 3 year old and like to throw different flies just to see if I can get a strike on something unconventional.

That first fly in the series, the one with tinsel) when tied to size 14 also fooled a couple browns out in Yellowstone. I've never tried that fly in the Smokeys but it may fool a brown who has been chasing bait fish? Crappie really like that fly

The fish I caught in the Smokeys with it (4 or 5 before I changed to a more traditional fly) was right after a rain and the water was up a little and had some color. They may have been keying in on worms washed into the stream from the higher water? I was using a size 10 for the trout and the tail was a little shorter.

I've caught a fair number of bass and crappie on the fly as well (especially when used as a dropper off of a foam bodied popper). They may have been after the popper and a nice juciy worm was too much of an easy snack to resist?

Tie a couple up and hit the ponds with it. They may surprise you.

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