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If you really want to know, go over to and ask away. They will know for sure. They mostly talk about the high end reels of the past like the Hardy's but they tend to know about the production reels like yours. I got into the vintage reel thing over the summer for a couple of small rods that I built and picked up a Phlueger from the teens and a Meisselback that is dated between 1906 and 1908. It is about as addicting as rod building, fly tying, fishing, etc. Once you get the bug, you can easily get hooked. The great thing about reels is there are plenty of inexpensive vintage reels that will give you the feel for it and are still serviceable reels. When you want to step up, you can sell them and combine your money for a nicer/more expensive vintage reel. There is a whole other world out there when it comes to vintage fly tackle. Consider yourself warned.
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