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Slicker then snot on a doorknob...i've done many a slick rock shuffle to much of my embarrassment - take a wading staff for sure, but thats no guarantee it'll keep you upright. But don't let that scare ya off, I think we've all been baptized in its soft waters- maybe a rite of passage as it were...personally I like the spring section, though not much wading there - you do and you've already spooked most the fish in that stretch... doing some bankside spot n stalk, find the undercut banks here and there, or hit the current breaks make fish more agreeable to catching. Have the smokey side arm casting down and highstick in your presentation quiver. The waters can be gin clear as smooth as glass make it it tough- but a fun challenge. However, if you can catch it slightly high and stained - magic, man...there are some brusier in there as smokey 'bows go - I've got proof if a buddy of mine will ever send me the pix of his pentax - hint, hint if your reading this... :-O
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