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I planned on steelhead fishing all this week, but mother nature had other plans. The temps in PA did not get above 22 degrees for the last 2 days. I tried to get out before the ice started on the streams, but did not have any luck. I met 3 other guys that had the same idea as me. We all left after 30 minutes. This is what we saw Tuesday morning. I did not try on Wednesday b/c I knew the streams would start to freeze solid (slower moving holes).

Too much ice to get any kind of a drift. I do not mind the cold, but I could not fish b/c of the ice. When I fished on Sunday, I did not take a temp reading, but I knew the water was close to freezing.

I hope the temps get to the mid 30s by the end of the week. I may have a chance to get out 1-2 more times depending on the water conditions.

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