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Originally Posted by rbaileydav View Post
Other times the person strikes the right cord with their questions and you get a gut instinct that they really would like to learn and you open up a discussions about the joys that can be found busting your butt over a mountain top, crawling through the overgrown brush, trying to thread a cast through a myriad of green leafy obstacles, just so you can see a slashing strike on a dry fly which you are a half beat to slow in reacting too so you flip the fly into the top of the tallest tree within sight… all the while wearing a silly content smile of a totally smitten man.
One comment that I invariably get from non-fly fishers when the subject comes up (other than the movie references) is "Oh, that looks so relaxing!" I have to swallow hard and say, "Yeah, it's relaxing in a way" while thinking that it's really, really hard work that is, in it's own way, relaxing.

Great post and an inspiration to all of us to get more folks out and teach them the sport. Thanks.
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