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The strangest two things I have ever seen while fishing were both animals and both fearless of us.

The first was a few years back when I was 8 or 9 and my dad and I were bait fishing a local lake near our house that is surrounded by woods. We were fishing in a cove when a racoon walked down the hill to the bank and stared at us in clear daylight. It just so happened that we had minnows so we started throwing them to him and he would catch them and eat them. We couldnt stop laughing about it because we had never seen anything like it.

The second strange thing happened was on our smokies backpacking trip in July. We were fishing up a long pool when we saw something jump in the creek from about thirty yards away and start swimming toward us. We were all trying to guess what it was when it swam under my cousin's flyline and hopped up on a rock not ten feet away from any of us. It was a rabbit just sitting there trying to dry off. We couldn't believe that it did that right in front of us.

Also, I just got your new book for Christmas Mr. Casada and I think it is excellent. I like all of the pictures, information, and especially the history. Thanks again.
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