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The strangest 2 things I have seen fishing happened on alternate coasts.

The first was when I was very young, fishing in the Sierra Nevada mountains with my father. The river was really high and strong in a particular spot, and so my dad had put me on his shoulders to carry me across. A mink swam right between his legs.

The second happened to me this year in the salt marsh in South Carolina. I had walked out onto a shortgrass flat, early to beat the tide. I had gotten there probably 45 minutes before there was enough water for the fish to be coming in. As I was walking out, I saw several racoons doing the same thing in front of me. Occassionally one would look back, see me and head in another direction. I got to the spot where I was going to wait, and looked back to see a racoon heading for straight for me about 100 yards behind me coming out of the trees. This racoon had not seen me yet, so I just stood there and watched him to see when he would finally notice me. He finally noticed me when he got about 40-50 yards away. I watched him stop, go up on his hind legs and stare at me. I then waited for him to move off. Instead of moving off he started to charge me. I was dumbfounded at first, then figured he just didn't see me very well. Anyway I stood up straight, waived my hands in the air and yelled. Instead of stopping or going away it just came faster. I ended up running toward the incoming tide as fast as I could with this big growling coon hot on my trail. I was slapping at the coon with my fly rod. It finally stopped chasing me, and wonder upon wonders I didn't break my fly rod, although I did have to clean the mud out of the last 4 eyes in the rod. That coon really gave me a scare, and I was breathing hard. It ended up getting into some higher grass about 60 yards away and watching me. I could just see his dark mask through the grass. I moved in the other direction. The water soon came in and I ended up catching two tailing reds. That coon watched me for at least an hour from that grass, and I stayed well away. Towards the end of the tide I watched what I think was that same coon, lead 3 baby coons from the water into the trees. I must have somehow ended up between the mama coon and her 3 babies that were already out in the grass in front of me. During the event all I could think about was that maybe the coon was rabid. I carried a .45 pistol with me the next three times to that spot, but never again had an issue, thankfully.

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