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I have a couple memorable events:

I was fishing a hole in a local creek and had a bird come flying from upstream of me, headed downstream towards me, and when it flew by me it dropped a fish in the hole I was fishing!! I didn't catch anything in that hole but I can't say it was because no fish were in it!

Fishing a run one day and got to this spot where there were some roots on the bank right above a likely looking spot for a trout. The cast had to be a good one and I threw it a little long and my fly landed on the root and I paused for a moment. Before I could do anything a HUGE spider jumped out from behind the root and tackled my orange palmer! Guess it was pretty disappointed with that meal.

Working my way up Cataloochee Creek one day, I noticed a BIG barred hoot owl on a limb overhanging the creek. As I fished upstream the owl became noticeably uncomfortable with me being there. He flew to another limb further upstream and held his position. Eventually I made my way up to him again and he seemed a bit anxious. All at once the owl, who was facing away from me, jumped around on the branch to face me, tucked in, and jumped off the limb flying right at me. I honestly thought I was about to have to fight this owl. This thing was big, probably boasting a four foot wingspan. When he jumped off the limb he dropped a few feet but ended up leveling off and flying right over me. I could have slapped him in the face with my rod if I wanted to. I was just thankful not to have a face full of talons.

Good thread Mr. Casada.
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