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OK, gotta throw one more in for good measure - I think I've shared this story before but it bears repeating.

I had been fishing for about a year when I was up on Lynn Camp Prong. I came to a pool that I was certain had trout just wanting to be caught (can't wait to revisit that pool in another five years when it's full of specs). I threw a Parachute Adams up at the head of the pool and let it drift down - no action. Several more shots with the same results and some of the nicest dead drifts you could ever hope to see (after fishing for only a year).

"Okay, one more cast and I'm giving up." Wouldn't you know it, I snagged a rhodo-beast. I yanked a couple of times and broke my line. Soon as I did, the fly dropped out of the rhododendron and into the water. After drifting just a couple of feet a trout came up and took the fly and I never saw either one again.
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