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Default Scariest thing that I've seen while guiding

This is a great and informative thread and I thought that I would recount an incident that I saw happen on Abrams Creek a couple of years ago while guiding a Pediatrist on Abrams Creek. Most of the things that we see are sort of strange or funny, but this one was dead serious and I thought that my heart would stop for a few minutes as I watched this unfold. A young couple had apparently started down the Abrams Falls Trail and they were passing over a section that crossed over a small ridge with a very steep dropoff. I wasn't aware of anything taking place until I heard a small child scream up above me and then a blood curdling scream from a woman right after that. The small child had fallen off the trail and was hanging upside down caught in some Laurel bushes on the side of a steep cliff. It looked like it was 30-40 feet straight down to the rocks along side the creek edge. It would probably have been sure death for the child if it had come loose from the bushes and fallen all the way straight down. The Father slid down the side of the cliff and managed to get the child loose. In the picture that I took you can see that he has the child back onto solid ground and after a few minutes he received some help from other hikers and was able to get the child back up to the trail. I still get a tight spot in my throat when I think about it. He had a guardian angel looking over him that day.
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