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I was fishing the Horseshoe on Abrams Creek with a friend. I began to feel kinda wierd and whispered to him "I think we are being watched." We saw no one. After a few more minutes I looked around again and still felt like I was being watched. I whispered again "We are being watched." Still no one around. I was now unnerved. I searched the stream sides carefully and suddenly the buck that was standing in the water downstream snorted and leaped out of the water onto shore. That animal like to have filled up my waders! Man was he good and in camo!


I was fishing below the Elkmont bridge on Little River and heard a car screeching its tires on the road as it went off the road, airborne and into the river just below me. I ran down stream and got there just as the occupants got out of the upside down vehicle. I spent the next couple of hours helping Ranger Ken Slay recover their belongings from the river. Would you believe he then asked to see my creel and my license!


This huge craw dad claw...

This was on Hazel Creek....don't know that I want to stick my toes back in that water!!!!
----Jeff Wadley
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