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Originally Posted by jeffnles1 View Post
I thank you all for your prayers. The Lord called my grandmother home at a little after 3 am this morning. My mom and I were with her and she went in peace. In fact there was an incredible sense of peace when she passed from this life to the next.

All is well. I just wanted to let you all know your prayers were answered and once more say how much I appreciate it.

I am sad this morning, but what happened is for the best.

2010 is going to be a great fishing year.

Jeff--Feel blessed that her passing was peaceful; hold fast to a wonderful storehouse of memories; know that her example and her influence will always be with you; and remember the good times. She will repeatedly come to mind, in the months and years to come, at the most unexpected of times, and when they occur it will be a bright and shining spark lighting your day and brightening your way. Jim Casada
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