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Originally Posted by WVBrookie View Post
Following a relocation from WV, I look forward to exploring more new water in 2010.

I want to explore some small streams in Northern Kentucky for possibly smallmouth, redeyes, etc. I even added a 5wt bamboo to my arsenal just for this (my first rod over a 4wt). I also have some intel from the KY DNR on where to add another state to my brook trout list.

I look forward to exploring more waters in the Smokies. I received Mr. Casada's new book yesterday and I can't wait to get into it!

Also, if things work out as planned, I plan to complete the California Heritage Trout Challenge and add six new salmonid species to my life list - now at 14.

Bring it on!

Happy New Year
WV Brookie,
Check out Gunpowder creek. It's very close to you in Burlington and while you're not going to catch big fish there, there are plenty of pumpkinseed, bass and in some areas, run up fish from the river. There is access right in your back yard.

I fish there several times a year. Also, believe it or not, the lake at Camp Ernst off of Camp Ernst Road has quite a good populatoin of fish that fall victim to my fly rod every year. I usually fish that lake 3-4 times a week from April through October. I'll be the guy with a fly rod. I've only seen one or two other fly fishermen there. Most are families drowning worms.

I have caught several 4-5 pound bass and a lot of crappie and bluegill and smaller bass. It's not a "pretty" lake but it is water and there are fish.

The Licking River up past Falmouth is also good but a little far for a quick trip after work.

The creek at Big Bone Park can be good at times for smaller bluegill and bass. in the winter months, Trout are stocked there an it is a delayed harvest until about April. The lake up on top of the hill at the park also has a good population of bass and bluegill and some crappie. It is tough to fish with a fly rod due to trees totally surrounding the lake but it can be done.

Idlewild park not too far from you in Burlington also has a couple ponds that can produce some bluegill and smaller bass. Again, no great fish, but fun for an after work evening that is about 10 minutes from your location.

There is a tail water about an hour north of you in Brookville Indiana that can run hot and cold. Some days, I catch a lot of trout there and other days, I think you'd need a stick of dynamite.

Laughery Creek over around Friendship Indiana (outside of Dillsboro on Rte. 62) has fish. Again, bass and various sunfish but still fun.

I don't fish much in Ohio but there are supposed to be some nice lakes and streams over there too.

IF you're out this summer and see a red Pontiac G6 convetible and a guy flailing a long stick around it's me. Stop by and say hello.

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