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Not quite the strangest thing I have caught, but here goes. In the late 1990's the first time I was stationed at Parris Island, I was bass fishing with by fishing partner. I had just stepped down off of the front casting deck to change a lure, when my buddy hauled back to make a cast from the back casting deck..

He ended up knocking me down, I lost my prescription sun glasses into the river along with my hat. He had a nice fat Norman plug on and he really nailed me. the back treble hook scraped up the underside of my jaw, bounced off of my jaw bone taking out two chunks, and burried itself in my cheek, two of the hooks of the trebble hook burried to the bend.

I had him cut the two hooks, then I made him push each hook back through my cheek. These hooks were barbed and it is really quite amazing how much pressure you have to put on them the get them through skin.....anyway it took him about 45 minutes to get them both pushed through. After they were out, I was good to go and started to fish again. My buddy however was as green as could be and had to sit in the back for a good hour before he was able to stand up without getting sick. My wife still gives him a hard time about the big one he hooked!

Ok, remembering this story has caused me to remember my two other getting hooked stories....The first was in the early 80's when I was visiting my uncle in LA. We were out bass fishing all day. We got back to the landing, got loaded up, and then saw some really big crappie busting on the other side of this creek that wasn't too wide. We decided to give it a shot. After about an hour it was time to go....I bent down to pick up a couple of rods, and my uncle slapped me as hard as he could across the back of the neck with his fishing rod....

This is what it felt like to me at least when I straightened up and asked him what the **** he had hit me for. It was then that I noticed the mouth hanging upen and green shade to his face....he had gotten an rooster tail spinner caught on a bush across the creek, and when he jerked to yank it out, it came out of the bush and nailed me in the back of the neck. One of the trebble hook points had burried itself into the back of my neck.

He tried for about an hour to remove it with pliers with no success, so he took me to a doc in a box. The doctor wrapped some wire around the hook and pulled as hard as he could, and the wire broke. This repeated itself two additional times with bigger wire each time. At this point my 13-year old self let the doctor know in no uncertain terms that we would no longer be doing it his way. I explained to the doctor where the barb was on the hook, had him pull on the hook with a decent amount of pressure, and use a scalple to cut right where the bulg of the barb was, and out popped the hook.

Well this post is long enough, I will save the third time for another post.

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