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The strangest thing I have ever caught came just last week on tues. the 29th. I was fishing Trammel creek in Ky and fishing streamers deep. I started stripping it back and felt an abrupt stop and set the hook hard thinking it was a big brown. Unfortunately there was no fighting on the the other end. I started trying to pull the line in and got nothing so thinking i was hung on a log i pointed my rod straight down the line and started walking backwards to break my tippet when i noticed a small rope moving a little. I followed the rope up to a small piece of drift wood then walked up to it and peered into the water and found a big fish trap about the size of 55 gallon drum. I pulled the trap in and got my fly loose. it had a small 9-10 inch carp in it, and from the fresh bait had just recently been placed. I threw the trap back in the water and continued my day of fishing. The next morning i called it in to the game warden and then on thurs. meet him at the stream and began our long hike to the trap. He inspected it, took pics of it and threw it back. We scoped the area out and found a good spot of him to come back and set up his camera to catch the bastard, and I hope he does. One thing i hate the most are poachers. How lazy can you be that you can't go out and atleast chunk bait with a rod, you have to set up an illegal trap and take way more than your share of the fish, trout, bass, cats, carp, whatever it is your after. I just hope they catch the jackass.
"All the romance of trout fishing exists in the mind of the angler and is in no way shared by the fish" -Harold F. Blaisdell
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