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Default Not strange, but funny

I was fishing one day in may of '08 the water had been high but was going down and almost back to normal. I was fishing a dry dropper with good success till a slightly mis-gauged cast that ill blame on the wind resulted in me catching a tree that someone had put in my way . Well i broke my line loose and pulled it back in and started to re-rig. While I was tying on my flies i noticed something out of the corner of my eye and and glanced up and on the other side of the stream i see this long brown object on top of the water that i just passed off as a log, being the water was high. I went back to tying and it hit me that, that log was moving up stream I look up again and realize it was a beaver no more than 20 ft from me. Having never seen a beaver up close and in the wild i just stood there and admired him. Then the guy turned and started coming right towards me. I stood still as a fence post till i realized he was getting a little close for comfort. (Jeff Foxworthy's nipple biting beaver story came to mind) I let him get a rods length from me and i jumped and flung my arms out to the sides and watched his eyes get as big as cue balls (hahaha i laugh everytime i think about this) He turned his rear to me and flapped that tail on the water and just soaked me and headed off down stream slapping that tail the whole way. i started laughing and lost my footing and fell flat on my tail in the water. It was hilarious. One of those times you wish you had a camera and someone in the bushes taping it. It was great. That beaver was totally not expecting that.
"All the romance of trout fishing exists in the mind of the angler and is in no way shared by the fish" -Harold F. Blaisdell
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