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Default otterly ridiculous

about 4 or 5 years ago, my dad and i were fishing at blanchard springs in arkansas during christmas break. snow on the ground and a normally crowded spring-fed stream was nicely vacant, except for some furry would-be thieves. Had a nice stringer of maybe 3 or 4 fish tied to the bank. started wandering upstream further and further from my supper. Luckily I looked back in time to see an otter trying to sneak up to where my stringer was. I dropped my rod and began running towards it...and it didn't immediately take off as i hoped it would. instead, it paused a moment, waited for me to get a little closer and jumped in..right where my fish were. thankfully i was somehow able to snatch the fish on shore before that furry fish stealer got its paws on them.

as for east tn incidents...2 years ago during the summer i was walking back to my ride along the tremont road. I was approaching a waterfall and noticed movement close to it. 2 hippe-chicks were standing under it, barely clothed in tie-dyed garb and just enjoying the weather. an earlier post mentioned something about nymphs... i belive these two were closer to sirens..
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