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Default are a man after my own heart. My grandfather and uncle fished the Park waters and always brought home what they caught. Have many fond memories of my grandmother placing a platter of those sweet fish on the table to be enjoyed. Once I got old enough to join in the fun I too practiced this time honored tradition of catch and release. I can now only make one or two trips a year to the mountains but while camping there is at least one night when we invite some of the stream locals to dinner. One summer my young son wanted to fish for the stockers in Gburg on our way home from fishing in the Park and he managed to catch a 12in bow which we cleaned along side an 11" wild bow from LR...looking at the fish side by side was amazing...the color of the flesh--pink vs. gray--the color of the organs--clear vs. clouded-- and the ultimate taste test...a wild trout has a natural diet, clean water and the overall environment that produces a superior specimen over those pond creatures raised on "pig pellets".
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