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in th 1950's,me,my sister,and my mom and dad would visit my uncle russell and aunt ann for a week or two in the summer,uncle rus was my dad's brother,i guess they were close,.uncle rus owned a farm,in the wear valley,he raised registered hereford cattle.he worked in knoxville,at UT(a chemistry teacher).these were our set aside vacatindays uncle rus and my dad would fish and squirrel hunt.aunt ann would take the freshly caught trout,lay them in a pan(heads off)(skin on) sqeeze fresh lemon juice on them,lots of lemon juice.she then put the lemoned trout in the refrigerator..she let em marinate for 24 hours,after a day or so(usually sooner)she'dpull them out of the fridg and sprinkle salt and pepper on the trout,she then smoked the trout in a 5 gallon metal can,under hickory coals,it was a smoker contraption from hades,but it worked....we had smoked rainbow trout that fell of the bone,and squirrel..,tender,in squirrel gravy,biscuits,,tomatoes for the gravy,gravy for the biscuits
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