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I like to tie quill bodies for my imitator dries. Tie a light body of dubbing similar to color of quill beneath your quill and counter wrap them. Biots which I prefer DO BETTER IF SOAKED SLIGHTLY. Quills from peacock herl I bought stripped or have had for a while I also soak briefly. With Biots, you can wrap tying thread over the front of the wrapped biot securing it. Alternate biot wrap, thread wrap over the front of the biot, then biot wrap over the thread, etc. You can also counter wind with mono thread/ 6-7X tippet. I used to use super glue or Sally Hansens to cover my quills, but by using a light dubbing base with quills wrapped on top and counter wrapping, I find the hackles, wings etc. usually go before the quill bodies, so no longer use them.
A.K. Best uses moose mane for bodies on his smaller midge emergers (16-20,?) and just thread bodies below that!

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