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I got the idea of dubbing under the quill from one of AK Best books. He dubs to cushion when he ties with hackle quills. I've tied with them some hackle quills but prefer the biots for my bodies- cheaper.
I know many of the early Catskill tiers used to counterwind gold wire over their peacock herl quills to strengthen them. So I use a few wraps of clear mono- thread/ or 7x tippet instead to strengthen them.
The biot technique- light dubbing, then alternating wraps of biot and tying thread- over the front of biot, I believe came from another tyer's video (who?). Can't remember well, and I'm not functioning well enough to look it up now. I had a wisdom tooth out yesterday. I don't like to use superglue/epoxy/ sally hansen's more than necessary. It has a habit of getting to where it doesn't belong.

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