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Default jim casada

how about those frozen fish sticks that are made from "fish products",when you cook em they smell like a japenese whaling ship in july.Jim you are,i beleive,addressing what you percieve as a primordial flaw in us humans as oppposed to good judgement by the pig,which means a pig is in its own way kind of smart----therefore a pig's attributes would be 1)pudgy but cute 2)will eat most anything except the mystery food 3)is dirty,but could care less3)and relatively intelligent in a cooking channel sort of way--makes you wonder why pigs don't run for the US senate.

Huey Long on cutting a country ham from a hog raised on his farm-"In the face that was the prettiest pig I ever saw..."

I bought a cured country ham(a real salt cured ham,not a city ham)from a guy outside newport tenn, it weighed about 30 lbs,and was "old",had hung for 2 yearrs.It was the best ham I've ever tasted..he told me his cured hams came from hogs fattened on peanuts,he raised.I told him that was a good idea,being peanuts are high in protein etc.He said it was not an original idea..he borrowed it off Thomas Jefferson,who fattened his hogs on peanuts many many years ago.
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