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The first time I fished the Smokies was on my 10th wedding anniversary. The wife wanted to go to Las Vegas, I talked her into a cabin around Townsend.

She hiked up MP of LR and MP of LP with me. I was on a quest to add the state of TN to my list of states which contain (native) brookies.

Funny story though: She doesn't hike or fish, but she does smoke. When we left the trailhead on both streams, she took four cigarettes with her, and she informed me when she's done smoking - I'm done fishing!

I struck out on MP of LR, although I must have caught 50 rainbows. I started getting nervous on MP of LP, but I did manage one brookie before she ran out of smokes. I also learned that I would never make it as a tournament fisherman because I don't fish well under pressure.

This year will be our 15th anniversary, doubt I can talk her into it again, she wants to go somewhere "tropical". Maybe the Smokies will have unseasonably warm temps at the end of May.

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