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The first time I fished in the Park was about ten years ago. I had never fished for trout before. I talked a buddy who had done trout fishing before into going with me. We made a flying trip out of it. Drove four hours spent the night fished until dark and went home.
We stopped by Litte River Outfitters [ they were in the old store] and bought flys. we went to Metcalf Bottems to fish. I didn't know about slick mountauin rocks at that time.
I had brought my lug sole duck hunting waders. I caught my first trout that day. One rainbow and a small brown. I also dunked myself three times in those lug sole waders. I also learned that 5mil neoprene wader legs float and it is very hard to get your feet back on the river bottom. It is a little disconcerting for your head to be be higher than your feet in this type situation.
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