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My first time was this past August. I had fly fished on local lakes, but never on moving water for trout.

The first day was raining and the water was a little high. I went to Metcalf Bottoms for a few hours. I didn't really know what I was doing, I had read a good amount, but didn't have the hands-on experience. I still managed to catch a 3" brown, my first trout.

The next day I fished the Little River from the turn to go to Elkmont up to the big open pool at the bend just a bit below the campground. Caught another 3" brown. Then, up at the pool I caught three more browns, one being about 11", which I was very pleased with. All on a size 14 elk hair caddis. The largest brown was by far the best. I made a near perfect cast into a hole in the rock wall at the bend. About a second later the fish took the caddis and I managed a perfect hook set. I've been addicted since.
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