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First meadow of Slough Creek, two different years. These are piling up up there--the wolves use it as a primary feeding ground in winter, when even the big bulls can't escape in the heavy snow.

I just realized that I'm holding the same set of antlers in both shots there. That's 3 years apart.

I've also seen otters, beavers, bellycrawlers, deer, hogs, grouse, woodcock--everything that walks or swims or slithers, except bear, funnily enough.

Middle Tennessee.

Have had a gun drawn on me on two different occasions by the same ex-cop (night fishing in Arkansas).

Destroyed a car when I hit a deer driving to the river (also in Arkansas).

Also saw some things it'd be better I didn't put on the internet.

Come to think of it, most of the weird things I've seen or had happen to me have been while fishing.
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