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First time was about 7yr ago. Didn't catch one for a year, I am kind of hard headed and wanted to learn on my own, bad idea, I would have saved a lot of heart aches if I took a class.
I had a cheap Wal-mart special fly rod and reel and the flies that come in a package. I was fishing on little river and was only fishing the head of the runs. Lord knows how many fish I spooked! Well I went to dig out a new fly while I still had my fly in the water. once it reach the tail out a nice little rainbow hit it. My first fish was an accident! As I was headed out this fellow with at the time I thought an old wooden fly rod stopped me and took my fly rod out of my hand. It kind of freaked me out. Then this gentleman told me to out on a new leaded and dug out a couple Elk Hair Caddis and told me use those instead of the cheap flies I had. One of the other gentlemen pulled me aside as they left and told me to listen good because this man was probably fly fisherman in the smokies. I wish I would have gotten his name! Even though I am way away from being a great or even fly fisherman I always try to pay it froward by helping anyone new that will listen to a bum like me.
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