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This is a little out of context....what can I say, I was born in Northern California.

My first time fishing on my own (without the assistance of my dad casting) was when I was 5 years old. We had stopped to fish this small tributary of a fork of the Walker River. The trib was tiny, and after a few minutes my dad came up and asked me if I wanted to move. I told him to leave me alone. He backed off and hid behind some brush, and I ended up catching a 7 or 8 inch wild trout a few minutes later. I was hooked.

It took a few more years before I got my first tast of fly fishing. It was on a trip from CA to Idaho to visit my grandfather. My dad had an old bamboo rod that he had for a while, and I talked him into letting me use it. We had stopped at a spot in Nevada to overnight on our way. There was a small stream just outside the campground. I got up before anyone, because I new that we would be leaving first thing. I had on an adams fly. I was just starting to pull my fly line off of the water on my first cast when a 7 inch brown (wasn't sure it was a brown until later) took my fly. Needless to say the fish sailed past my head and landed in the creek behind me and promptly came off. This happened to me about 5 or 6 times before I landed my first one. They were all small browns, and I caught about 5 or 6 after I stopped flinging them past my head and back in the creek.
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