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Default How do you determine the wt. of a rod???

I am new to the sport and my buddy is looking to start joining me in some trips together. He has an old beat-up fiberglass fly rod that that was his dad's or granddads. He says that he has used it many times fishing for crappie and that it worked fine. The reel looks like it is in okay working order but the fly line looks terrible and needs to be replaced. He wants to use this fly rod for awhile before he invests any $$ into new gear. How do you know what wt. line to purchase if you don't see the wt. of the rod labeled any wear If I had to guess I would say its probably a 6wt. Also....

The cork handle is chewed up and my buddy wanted to know if that is replaceable. I know it is but where would I go about doing this?
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