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You will still end up paying between $20 and $30 for a new cork grip after you add in the shipping but the installation is easy. The tricky part is getting the reel seat off without damaging it and then removing the old grip. The most common way of removing the reel seat is to put it inside of a plastic bag and sumberge the reel seat in a pot of boiling water for a few seconds. Pull it out and try to pull it off. Repeat this a few times. If it still won't come off, you can pull it out of the boiling water and dunk it in a pot of ice water. Do this a few times and it should break the epoxy seal and come right off. To remove the cork grip, do whatever you can to remove it without damaging the blank. I would probably start out using a sharp knife to whittle it down fairly close to the blank and then sand the rest off. There is no magic trick to breaking the bond with the cork because it dissipates heat so well that heat won't work. Once the cork is removed, it is just a matter of gluing the the new grip and old seat back on to the rod. You will have to ream the cork grip so it will fit on the blank but that can be done with a round file that you can pick up a big box store or hadware store for pretty cheap. Here are a couple of links for inexpensive preformed grips:
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