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Default Your First Time fishing in GSMNP

Approximately 25 years ago I ventured into the river between the entrance to Elkmont and the campground. I carried an ultralight rig and a few single hook Rooster tails of varied colors. Early in the morning I caught sight of a fish swimming upstream toward a small water fall. I quickly cast that Rooster tail into the water fall and nervously watched the trout head for the lure. After landing a nice sized 'bow [probably >10 inches] I said aloud to myself [no one else was in earshot] "I am going to learn to fly-fish to do this right."

Later that year I took lessons, bought a fly rod, and returned to the GSMNP to take up this wonderful activity. Took a few trips and some wonderful guides and helpful strangers along the way but I learned to 'catch' as well as cast. I have returned many times, but never enough, to this special place. Getting older now and wade more carefully but my beautiful grand-daughters are being introduced to this special place as each gets old enough to walk along with me.

Can't wait till spring! By the way I haven't used the ultralight since.


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