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gutshot its a 10 hour drive from the knoxville area to get to erie pa ...i am orignialy from there... steelhead fishing is great fun generally starts in oct and fishes through till mid april.....the erie tribs can get very crowded and you will be fishing shoulder to shoulder alot.... the best bets are after the fish get up in the tribs after some good rainfalls and have a chance to spread out...once you do it you'll be hooked ...nothing like 28 inch fish on 4-6x tippit that takes off up or down stream like a frieght train.....there are alot of small motels that you can get rooms at for reasonable rates as its off season from summer tourism....i haven't been up home in the fall for several years but i do miss the steelhead can check this website.... is a fishing report section and is usually all steelhead reports starting in oct till the streams freeze over....the bait shop that would have up to date info would be poor richards they have a website ....... good luck if you ever decide to make a trip up
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