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Originally Posted by donwinn View Post
Which do you prefer a vest or chest pack? What brand is your preference?
Donwinn--It's a vest for me, and here are the reasons why:
1. Back pounch is a convenient place for a camera, Epi-pen, space blanket if I'm venturing back of beyond, rain jacket, emergency rations, cigarette lighter (I don't smoke but this is a predictable fire starter), toilet tissue, small first-aid kit, etc.
2. I carry far too much stuff not to have a vest
3. I like the options to compartmentalize a lot of items--hook hone, extra leaders, tippet material, stream thermometer, hook remover, floatant, split shot, etc.--beyond far too many flies.
4. A vest offers a convenient hook for a net cord
5. I'm a traditionalist (I carry a wicker creek as well)
All of the above also makes abundantly clear I'm not a minimalist.
Jim Casada
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