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Well i am going to Cancun in May for my brother wedding, so I will be down there, and I have never been there before, for about a week. I contacted some frineds on another message board down in Charleston and one fellow had a guide that he highly recommended. SO I contacted him and set it all up. Chartering a guide in Cancun is suprosingly cheap. There were basically 3 options a 4 hr trip for 275.00 a 6 hr trip for 325.00 or a 8 hr trip for 450.00 or 475.00. that is for 2 anglers. The 8 hr trip requires a longer boat run and you are fishing an area that is more or less a permit trip. For a lot of people that would be exactly what they are looking for. I got spoiled and landed 3 permit my first trip to the bahams, so i am not so deranged by them , For me the idea of 6 hrs on the water and you are fishing within 10 minutes is right on. The tarpon will be in the 20-50 lbs class (juvenile) it is also prime bone, and snook time as well, Having never chased Snook or Tarpon they are my top priority but man I love dem bones like nothing else. If you are interested in "affordable" fishing places hit me with an email, I don't have the money to chase tarpon in Fla at 500.00+ a day if you know what i mean! SeeYa

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