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Well it is kinda like this, if you are gonna go to Fla and fish inshore reds and trout will be your main target unless you head to the south half of the state, now I know tarpon and snook are caught north of this imaginary line, however that said when I was looking for a Fla trip everyone I talked to including friends and guides said that unless you are going all the way to the keys then you might as well go to Charleston (Where I am from) because it is the same species. So the Keys Yea I know of a few places that are affordable lodgeing wise that have kitchens which of course saves you money on meals, I figure you will not be bringing a boat so then there is a the kayak rental option, there is wading from what I have gathered, a lot of my info is on my home computer so I will look at it when I get home. Sorta depends on your budget and how long you will be going. But if you are just wanting to taste tailing reds and trout Charleston is hard to beat in the summer as it is so close a drive (once they fix the gourge!) Be careful that salt water will make you crazy!
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