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Ahhhhh....Well I think the Adams and Neversinks are easy dries. You may want to skip the Stimi's for now. The Zebra MIdge is super easy and a great dropper. The BHPTN isn't too bad. BWO's aren't too bad. Lt. Cahill's are ok. Most emerger patterns are easy. The isonychia nymph that Mr. Hartsell ties is a doozy, so skip that for a bit. You should buy some 1/2 saddles in Grizzly, Brown, Dunn and Black. Some tungsten (or similar colored) bead heads for size 16,18, and 20 and the same size nymph hooks. Some dry hooks in 12,14, and 16. 6/0 and 8/0 thread in black, green, yellow, red, brown, and orange. Some peacock hurl and some Zap a Gap (skip the head cement and use the zap a gap). That should get you started good. LRO has free shipping BTW, so call them and put in an order, or just use their online catalog. Tight Lines.


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