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Default jim casada

I watched the Joe H. nymphing dvd because I have trouble nymph fishing,detecting strikes etc.I'm sure I don't set the hook enough when the line pauses or stops.I usually don't use an indicator.I've caught several fish over the years fishing a nymph.Like I said J.H.'s DVD is quite technical but there's lot's to learn here,Joe is above all,a teacher,I watched his other DVD on dry fly fishing in heavy cover,it is a great dvd as he explains various casting techniques to use when covered up by foliage,canopy,trees,logs,or anything limiting your ability to cast,and his pointers work,if you'll do as he says.Nymphing is harder to explain because so much of it has to do with a fishing sense,that's unexplainable.I don't think there are very many really good nymph fisherman,most are like me.. good intentions,intent on trying,but with the abilities and talent of an average to average- average fisherman.Joe makes it all look easy and that's good because we want "easy" when we are on a stream,but when we finally get to the reality of nymphing on a stream,we realize the "easy" is harder than hades and Joe's "easy"comes from decades of learned and practiced fishing,which he shares on his dvd's.
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