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Having been stationed at Bragg for a couple of years, My wife and I loved the GSMNP. In the spring of 2007, my doctor put on a fly fishing class at a small park here in Ohio and asked me to come. I had an old fiberglass Kasner rod that I used as a kid to fish for bluegill and bass in farm ponds. I was amazed at the cool new fly rods and gear, and soon bought a wind river 9' 5wt from cabellas. On our next trip to Gatlinburg, I stopped at the Smoky Mountain Angler (I didn't know about LRO) and they fixed me up with an elk hair caddis and a copper john dropper. After a couple of unsuccessful outtings(it was a low water year, the hatches were sparse, the sun was in my eye, etc., etc.) I was fishing just above the bridge at ramsey trailhead when I thought that my dropper got stuck under a rock again, I pulled it up and found a small wiggling rainbow had eaten my copper john. I thought "oh ,that's how you do it" and a short time later caught one more. Since then I've made several more trips down and have become hopelessly
addicted to fly fishing in the park.
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