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Well like anywhere else it all depends on where you stay and what you want to do,travel time depends on where you are coming from but it is not a far drive. if you can't stay on one of the barrier isleands (IOP, Sullivans Isle, Folly) I would try and stay in Mt. Pleasant, there is a bunch of shopping and places to eat. As far as fishing, I have a couple friends who are guides down there, Capt Ben Floyd and Capt. Mike Benson are both really dialed in to the reds down there. Mike works at Charleston Angler in Mt. P 843-884-2095, Mike can also possibly put you on to a few walk-in flats so you can fish other days alone also Mike sells flies that you can pick up if you are fishing the tailing summer tides and he wrapps a crab pattern that they just jump on!, I would also mention that at the IOP marina you can rent kayaks during the summer which also gives you options. Seeing as how this would be your first time in the brine I would have to maike a few other suggestions as well. Since cost is a issue I wouldn't worry about flats shoes on your first time a old pari of tennis shoes will work but Pluff mud (plough) is not fun and will steal you shoe Remember tall grass soft (pluff mud) bottom, short grass hard bottom words to remember. A buff is worth it due to the sun. If you are going in the summer and want to chase tailers look for new moon cycles which offers the needed higher flood tides. Also when you practice casting think 30 feet and in accutracy is vital and I have hooked more reds literally inside 15-20 feet than outside 40 for sure. Finally if you can afford to go guided do it as early in the trip as possible so you can learn what to do and look for first hand. Good Luck
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