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I used to carry "Hundreds" of fly boxes on me. I had my entire supply of Caddis dries disappear in the Tetons after some guys were admiring them. Leaving me out west with absolutely no caddis dries. I ,also, found myself carrying flies that I wouldn't be using until the next spring at times. So I decided to cutback on the number of boxes I carry on the stream with me. I load my fly boxes with what I think I'll need that day and then replenish the next day. Ex. carry 5 Quill Gordons, 5 March Browns, etc in one box. If I lose a specific box then I'm not out that much.

I bought a bunch of large plastic boxes at a craft store on sale. I labelled one Smokies Spring Dries, another Smokies Summer Dries, Smokies Terrestrials. The Spring Mayfly box has a section for #12 Quill Gordons, another #14Quill Gordons,a third #12 March Browns,and so on for #16 Blue Quills, #12 Mr. Rapidans, #14 Mr. Rapidans, #12 and #14Parachute Adams
I have one for Caddis Dries, etc.

During the offseason, I can just glance at the boxes and see what needs to be tied. Hope this helps.

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